Bill Gates Wins Christmas This Year

Year after year Microsoft founder Bill Gates participates in the annual game on Reddit called Secret Santa. Each year one very lucky Redditor get the gift from no other than Bill himself.

This year, that lucky user was Aerric.

bill gates win christmas

As she describes it herself – “I….I’m just speechless”

She took some pictures and posted about her presents on the Reddit Gifts forum, and clearly she wasn’t disappointed.

“I tear into the next box and I just…I lost it yall. I did. I started screaming like a little girl to my mom on the phone…I was just blown away! An NES Classic Edition! WHAAAAAAT!”

The big box contained multiple presents, that were all very thoughtfully picked out for Aerrix based on her profile and history on Reddit.

bill gates win christmas

Presents she got from Bill Gates:

– Cajon cookbook (she’s from Louisiana)
– Brand new Xbox
– Zelda mittens
– Harry Potter slippers
– NES Classic Edition!

If that wasn’t enough, Gates also donated to in her name.

She says, “I’m just blown away by his generosity, which went even further than all these gifts because he submitted a donation to in my name to give more students the chance to learn computer science, which is AWESOME because it’s something near and dear to my heart as my husband is a programmer and my brother has a degree in computer science!”

bill gates win christmas

Are you going to sign up for Secret Santa next year?




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