Pokemon Go Gives Out Gifts For The Holidays

On of the biggest successes in mobile gaming this year is without a doubt Pokemon Go. One of the main factors was it got people out and about during the nice summer weather.

Now that the winter is here it’s not that funny to walk around miles after miles trying to hatch eggs and catch the latest new Pokemons, so the developers at Niantic Labs had to figure out a way to keep people playing the game, but how?

Starting Christmas Day morning, Pokestops will give out a single-use incubator. Until January 3rd you’ll also have a better chance finding Pichu, Togepi and other Johto-based eggs.

To celebrate the holidays Pikachu will be wearing a santa hat, which is a thing that will stick around a bit longer. Also starting December 30th you’ll have a better chance of finding and catching the original starting Pokemon (Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and their evolutions) according to a press release from Niantic Labs.

To give you a better chance at finding them, Lure Modules will double their lifespan and last for an hour. This only last through January 8th though, so grab your phone and get going. But at least you got a valid reason to ditch your family a little bit now.


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